At Hayllo Spice, we’re flavor addicts!
And we want you, the home chef or barbecue enthusiast,
to savor new heights with every bite.

That’s why we bring the very best seasoning blends to your table!


“What's Your Flavor?”

Our Story

Our all natural, pre-mixed spice blends combine flavors from around the globe to satisfy those with insatiable tastes for adventure. With no extra hassle or additions needed, choose your favorite seasoning mix and get ready for a (flavor) trip right in your own kitchen. 

Our Invitation

We would like to share this amazing spice adventure experience with everyone, just like how you would recommend a very fun place for your friends to travel. Sometimes we all need a little break from our everyday routine, so does our taste. Our flavor may change through out different life seasons, The world of spice is full of endless possibilities and we believe it's everyone's right to tour this world without any limitation. That's why we focus on developing blends base from different culture and region, let us deliver the adventure to your grill, so you can discover the diverse exotic passion in a simple and economic way. 

Our mission

Our creed is simple: trust your taste buds. Don’t go buying that expensive spice blend only to discover it’s not what your mouth imagined in the store. Do yourself a favor and find the perfect blends for you. Wherever you are and whatever your taste, Hayllo Spice welcomes you.

Say goodbye to cluttered cabinets and one-dash-and-done blends. Say “Hayllo” to flavor you can trust!

Premium Quality

We only source the highest food grade ingredients and hold high standards for our vendors.

Original Recipe

We work with chefs to create original blends from scratch. No copycats

Crowd Tested

We tested our recipes with home cooks and foodies all over the country and made hundreds of modifications before the final blends. Trust me, they’re good!

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